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Article: What you need to know about Baby Wearing

What you need to know about Baby Wearing

What you need to know about Baby Wearing

Baby Wearing is a something that many new parents decide to do with their baby. There are so many benefits! But did you know that there are also a few things to consider so you and the baby are safe. Read on and find out what you need to know about baby wearing! 

What is baby wearing?

Baby wearing simply means that you 'wear' your baby against your body, using a wrap, carrier or sling. This practice has been seen around the world in many different cultures over many centuries. There's a reason why baby wearing has seen a resurgence!


What are the benefits of baby wearing? 

  • Bonding and connection with your baby is enhanced by the close contact
  • Babies tend to be more settled and cry less because wearing is close to the feeling of being in the womb 
  • The closeness can stimulate oxytocin release for mum and baby, which helps with stress and postnatal depression
  • It's much better for your body as weight is distributed evenly 
  • Wearing a baby rather than holding them means you are hands free to do things
  • Being upright is good for baby's health, preventing flat head syndrome and alleviating reflux 
  • Breast feeding can be done discreetly and hands-free 
  • Helps regulate your baby's temperature, breathing and heart rate
  • Baby is safe and cocooned away when out and about
  • You can go places that prams can't go

Baby Wearing

How to baby wear safely 

Baby wearing is very safe but there are a few things to remember if you are new to it. 

  • Baby's knees should be higher than their bottom. Legs should be spread and straddling your body, not dangling 
  • Make sure baby can breath. You should be able to see baby's face and they are high enough so that you can kiss them. Baby's chin should not be on their chest
  • Babies should be in an upright position with their back supported and their chest and tummy in contact with you
  • The wrap or carrier should be relatively tight so there is no slipping
  • Practice with help! Some wraps and carriers take a bit of practice so get the hang of, so get help the first few times until you feel confident 
  • Always bend using your knees when baby is in the carrier 
  • Regularly check for signs of wear or tear 

Boba Bliss Baby Carrier


What ages can you baby wear? 

Babies can be worn from birth right up to toddlers. Check the recommendations of the particular wrap or carrier for their suggested weights and ages. You might like to use a wrap for newborns and move to a more structured carrier as they get older. 

Which baby wrap or carrier is best? 

Firstly look for a good quality wrap or carrier then it depends on which one feels comfortable for you and baby! 

At Little Treehouse Lane, we stock Boba and ErgoBaby - chosen for their quality, great design and functionality.

We hope you have discovered what you need to know about baby wearing. Please get in touch if you have any questions and if you are a Mackay local, you are more than welcome to come in store and try some out! 



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