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  MontiiCo has revolutionised the ordinary drink bottle, giving birth to an enhanced and versatile creation – the all-new MontiiCo Fusion range. Discover the ultimate in beverage container adaptability as these bottles seamlessly transform from water bottles to smoothie cups with a simple switch of the lid. Enjoy the convenience of a sipper lid for on-the-go sipping or convert it into a sleek flask.

But that's not all!
The MontiiCo Fusion range introduces the concept of mix-and-match, allowing you to personalise your bottle to your heart's content. Choose from a variety of colours and styles to suit your taste. Plus, with matching bumpers available, your water bottle lid now comes with interchangeable handles that are virtually indestructible.
Elevate your hydration game with MontiiCo Fusion – where innovation meets style and durability.