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Medium Bento Lunchboxes

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Munchbox Mini 4Munchbox Mini 4
Munchbox Mini 4
Sale price$44.95
Go Green Lunchbox MediumGo Green Lunchbox Medium
Go Green Lunchbox Medium
Sale price$42.00

4 colors available

(5.0) Mini Mini Lunchbox Mini Lunchbox
Sale price$25.95

11 colors available

Munchbox Mix & MatchMunchbox Mix & Match
Munchbox Mix & Match
Sale price$64.95

9 colors available

Munchbox Midi 5Munchbox Midi 5
Munchbox Midi 5
Sale price$44.95

5 colors available

Save $13.04Little Lunch Box Co Bento 3Little Lunch Box Co Bento 3
Little Lunch Box Co Bento 3
Sale price$29.91 Regular price$42.95
Munchbox Mega 4 NeonMunchbox Mega 4 Neon
Munchbox Mega 4 Neon
Sale price$44.95
Munchbox Maxi 6Munchbox Maxi 6
Munchbox Maxi 6
Sale price$44.95

9 colors available

Munchbox Sparkle Midi 5Munchbox Sparkle Midi 5
Munchbox Sparkle Midi 5
Sale price$57.95

3 colors available

Munchbox Mega 3 Mono CollectionMunchbox Mega 3 Mono Collection
Munchbox Sparkle Black Mega 3Munchbox Sparkle Black Mega 3
Omie Box v2Omie Box v2
Omie Box v2
Sale price$72.00

6 colors available

Nestling 5 Compartment Bento BoxNestling 5 Compartment Bento Box
Nestling 5 Compartment Bento Box
Sale priceFrom $14.95
Cheeki - The Hungry MaxCheeki - The Hungry Max
Cheeki - The Hungry Max
Sale price$39.95
Munchbox Sparkle Gold Mini 4
Bentgo Stainless Steel Leak-Proof Lunch BoxBentgo Stainless Steel Leak-Proof Lunch Box

3 colors available

Bentgo Modern Lunch BoxBentgo Modern Lunch Box
Bentgo Modern Lunch Box
Sale price$54.95

4 colors available Mini Lunchbox - Mini Lunchbox - Avengers
GoBe Lunchbox - Blueberry BlueGoBe Lunchbox - Blueberry Blue
GoBe Lunchbox - Pink WatermelonGoBe Lunchbox - Pink Watermelon
GoBe Lunchbox - Sage GreenGoBe Lunchbox - Sage Green
GoBe Lunchbox - Yellow HoneyGoBe Lunchbox - Yellow Honey
Save $15.74Montiico Bento Three Lunch BoxMontiico Bento Three Lunch Box
Montiico Bento Three Lunch Box
Sale price$29.21 Regular price$44.95
Save $15.74Montiico Bento Five Lunch BoxMontiico Bento Five Lunch Box
Montiico Bento Five Lunch Box
Sale price$29.21 Regular price$44.95
Save $19.25Montiico Bento Plus Lunch BoxMontiico Bento Plus Lunch Box
Montiico Bento Plus Lunch Box
Sale price$35.70 Regular price$54.95

3 colors available

GoBe Lunchbox - Grape PurpleGoBe Lunchbox - Grape Purple Mini Lunchbox - The Little Mini Lunchbox - The Little Mermaid
Sold outMelii Snackle BoxMelii Snackle Box
Melii Snackle Box
Sale price$31.95

3 colors available

Omiebox Up Hot & Cold Bento BoxOmiebox Up Hot & Cold Bento Box

4 colors available