Tiny Twig

Tiny Twig offer a great range of Organic Cotton Clothing in timeless prints and designs we know you'll love!

Tiny twig creates and offers a variety of clothing products that cater to the special needs of new born babies during those precious months. Tiny twig provides the best of colours from certified organic dyes and soft durable fabrics.

Tiny Twig garments are GOTS certified in recognition for meeting the highest standards, from field to finish.

Every garment of Tiny twig is made with love and care in factories that pay fair wages and follow ethical trade practices. The garments themselves are designed and created to be as unique and individual as your precious little baby and their durability means you can pass them on from one child to the next. And the next. When you consider that at least 10 % of all clothing manufactured ends up in landfill, this is a pretty big win for all!