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Article: How To Record Your Baby's Milestones

How To Record Your Baby's Milestones

How To Record Your Baby's Milestones

The first years of your baby's life go way too quick and they change so much! Keeping a record of the changes and stages is a wonderful way to capture the memories forever. 
Here are some creative tips for how to record your baby's milestones. 

Professional Baby Photography and Video 

Getting professional photos and video taken is a lovely way to record your new baby and their first year of life! Do some research and find recommendations from friends and family to find the perfect photographer for you. 

In the Mackay, Queensland area we recommend Alice Holzy and Coffee and Hops.

Baby Milestone Cards and Discs

You don't have to get professional photos as these days technology makes it easy for us to take our own great quality photos. 

Using baby milestone cards and discs you can creatively capture different ages, stages and events. A great DIY idea that is inexpensive and easy to do.


Milestone Blankets 

You can also get kits that include a gorgeous milestone muslin blanket along with cards to really get creative! 

You might also like to include a special soft toy in each of the photos to show their growth.


Baby Hand and Foot Prints

It's hard to remember them ever being so little until you look at the teeny tiny footprints and handprints! 

You can just do this with paint and paper, but it is very messy and so difficult to get the perfect print and a lot of paint is toxic to babies. 

A great option is to use inkless baby print kits for mess-free, non-toxic perfect prints.

Baby Clay Prints 

A clay impression of baby hand and foot prints is another great no-mess way to create a keepsake. Using a clay kit makes it super easy as everything is set up for you and ready to go!

Set Up A Baby Email

Create an email account in your baby's name and send images, funny stories, reflections and anything else you like to it. Give them the password on their 18th birthday! 

Albums, Photo Books, Frames and Scrap Books

There are so many gorgeous ways to display your baby photographs so have a think about colour schemes and designs. You might like to put some photos in a nice frame, digital frame or album, create photo books online for each year or get really creative and make scrap books. 

Baby Books

Baby books are very traditional and there is just something so beautiful about a hand-written baby journal you can physically hold and cherish. 

Just imagine your baby as a parent themselves being able to read all about their own birth and milestones in their mum's handwriting. So special!

Baby Memory Box

Find a pretty box and use it to keep precious things like hospital bracelets, first shoes, cards, special outfits, baby blankets, locks of hair and more! 

Buy A Newspaper

Buy a newspaper or two on the day of your baby's birth so they will be able to read all about what was happening on the day they came into the world!

Write Letters

A lovely, traditional way of record keeping is to write your baby a letter every year on their birthday. Include highlights and events of the year, things they love and reflections on their personality, milestones and achievements. 

Go Online 

There are loads of apps out there now that can help you record baby milestones! Check out Tinybeans, Momatu and 1 Second a Day. You might also like to make a private blog or Facebook group for your family and friends to share in the memories. 

 Tooth Toys

'I lost my tooth' soft toys are an adorable way to commemorate losing first teeth. 

Memory Quilt

Once your baby has grown out of their clothes, keep a few special ones and turn them into a memory quilt! 


Any of these record-keeping ideas would also make lovely gifts for a baby shower or new baby.

We would love to hear from you! What clever and creative ways do you record your baby's memories and milestones?




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