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Article: What To Pack In Your Nappy Bag

What To Pack In Your Nappy Bag

What To Pack In Your Nappy Bag

One of the best pieces of advice we can give new mums is to get organised! Keep your nappy bag stocked up with all the essentials and you will never get caught short. Here is our checklist for what to pack in your nappy bag. 

1. Nappy Bag

Choose a good quality, spacious nappy bag with several compartments. Decide whether you would like a backpack style or a tote/carry all style. 

2. Packing Pouches

Packing pouches are great for organising the nappy bag even further. Group like items together for ease of use. For example, put spare clothes in one pouch, put nappy changing stuff in another and your mum stuff in another. 

3. Nappies, Wipes and Wet Bag

A must have!! You might like to choose disposable nappies and wipes when you are out and about but many mums also use modern cloth nappies and reusable wipes with no problem. Make sure you take a wet bag to take them home in!

4. Change Mat

Many of the nappy bags (including our award winning OiOi bags) include a changing mat as part of your bag. However, you can get them separately if you need to. A nappy changing pouch is super convenient to add to your nappy bag!

5. Change of Clothes

Pack a couple of changes of clothes for baby and a spare top for you. 

6. Feeding 

You will often need to feed your baby when out and about, so make sure you have baby bottles and formula storage container if bottle feeding and a scarf and breast pads can come in handy if you are breastfeeding. A burp cloth and bib is also useful to protect clothing. 

7. Dummy 

A dummy and dummy case is always handy in case bub becomes unsettled and needs soothing!  How do you choose the right dummy for your baby? Read our blog here.

8. Blanket or Muslin 

A blanket is useful for both keeping baby warm and using to place baby on when you are out and about. A light muslin, swaddle or bunny rug is useful in summer for keeping sun off the pram or baby. 

9. Baby Body Products

Pack nappy cream, sunscreen, insect repellent (or stickers!) and/or hand sanitiser to be prepared for all occasions when out and about! 

10. Portable Sound Machine 

portable clip-on white noise sound machine can be handy when you are out somewhere noisy and need to soothe baby to sleep. 

11. Baby Hat 

A baby hat is easy to fold up and pop into your nappy bag and will be needed if your baby is out in the sun to avoid sunburn!

12. Small Toys 

Pack a pouch with some small toys or books. These come in very handy if you are in a waiting room or need to distract baby. 

13. Water and Snacks 

For older babies and parents, pack a few non-perishable snacks (lactation cookies are great for breastfeeding mums!) and plenty of water in an insulated drink bottle

14. Fold Up Tote 

This is a bonus tip! We love the fold up totes from OiOi as they are small enough to pop in your nappy bag. They fold out into a huge shopping bag which is useful if you are out shopping or at the markets and need a bag! 

15. Parent Essentials 

Don't forget your wallet, keys, sunnies etc! You might like to use the front compartments of the nappy bag for easy access.


There you have our ultimate checklist for what to put in your nappy bag! We hope it's been useful to you.

What else would you put in? Let us know.

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