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Article: Cold Remedies For Babies and Kids

Cold Remedies For Babies and Kids

Cold Remedies For Babies and Kids

Winter is the time when the kids normally get all the bugs, germs and colds going around. It can be really uncomfortable for them (and us mums!) so we are sharing our best cold remedies for babies and kids with you. 

It goes without saying that we are not medical professionals, so please consult your practitioner if you think your child is seriously unwell. Between us all here at Little Treehouse Lane we have 17 kids and these are the tried and true home remedies for minor illness that have worked for us.


Our Home Remedies for Colds 

b box Sippy cup

Fluids (and more fluids!)

    It's really important to keep well-hydrated, so offer water, coconut water or juice for kids and extra breastfeeding or formula for babies.  

    A Sippy Cup or Smoothie Cup with a straw can make it easier to get fluids in while kids are laying in bed. 


    • Try to get the kids to sleep a little more than usual or at least rest to help their body heal. Snuggle up with a comfy blanket and a book!
    • Elevating the head with an extra pillow or a small folded towel is also a good idea to help prevent mucous from pooling in the sinuses at night. 

    Insulated Food Jar

    Chicken Soup

      When kids are sick it can be hard to tempt them to eat, so chicken soup can be a great help. As well as being nutritious, warming and helping with hydration, chicken soup will also help relieve the cold. Add noodles for extra yum!

      Our tip is to put the soup in an Insulated Food Jar to keep it warm so they can eat throughout the day as needed.

      Snotty Boss for colds in babies

      Nasal Aspirator

      Babies are too young to blow their noses, so a nasal aspirator is really useful. We love the Snotty Boss because it's quiet, safe and effective and the least gross way we have found to suck snot!! 

      Vaporiser and Essential Oils

      Vaporiser and Essential Oils

      A vaporiser can help with sleep and congestion as well as purifying the air. Breathing moist air helps loosen the mucus in the nasal passages.

      We stock doTerra essential oils (in store only) so please ask us for advice on safe essential oils for babies and kids for cold relief. 


      Homeopathy remedies are great for babies, toddlers and kids because they are completely safe and contain nothing harmful. Check in with your local homeopath or ask at your local health food store for suitable remedies.

      Honey, Lemons and Pineapples

      A warm honey and lemon drink can soothe a sore throat and help kids feel better. Even a teaspoon of raw honey can help with coughing too. (Honey is advised for kids over one only.) Pineapple juice can thin out mucus and help with coughing. 

      Homemade Cough Syrup

      Homemade Cough Syrup

      Forgot running to the chemist and spending a fortune on cough syrups full of artificial additives and alcohol! Make this easy cough syrup at home.

      It's good for relieving colds and coughs and it will help boost the immune system. Make up a batch and take a teaspoon a day!

      Get the recipe here.

      Extra Cuddles

      Who doesn't feel better after a hug from mum?? Often we just have to drop everything and be there as a comfort when they are unwell. 

      When kids get sick, you just want to make them feel better and get relief as quickly as possible. We hope our tips for cold remedies for babies and kids have helped.

      What works for you? Let us know!

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