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Article: Our Australian Made Brands

Our Australian Made Brands

Our Australian Made Brands

Looking for our Australian made brands? All of these amazing brands make their products in Australia and are Australian owned. We are so proud to be stockists and love supporting local Aussie small businesses.    

Why shop Australian Made? 

  • support Australian families, workers and production
  • high safety and quality standards 
  • workers are paid fairly with ethical working conditions 
  • more sustainable with less shipping miles 

Subo Food Bottles

SUBO Food Bottles

The ingenious SUBO food bottle is Aussie made and owned. This fantastic product is a great way to feed kids on the go, with no mess! No more single use pouches means savings for you and the environment.


"We love our Subo bottle! For Mr independent 11 month old, meal times were ridiculously messy! Now with the Subo, he can still feed himself, and we’re not left with a massive clean up afterwards. We find it very easy to disassemble and wash. And simple to put back together." Sarah, verified review 

Mama & Bird Skincare

Mama & Bird 

This gorgeous skincare range for mamas and babies is Australian made and owned. Feel confident using this range on sensitive skin as everything is natural and non toxic while still being luxurious and effective. 

Shop Mama & Bird

Kiddies Food Cutter

Kiddies Food Kutter

These amazing products are made in Melbourne and have been around for over 18 years!

Shop Kiddies Food Kutter

"It takes the worry out of children preparing food and cooking because they can't cut themselves! Both tools are easy to use for little hands or learners, so are great for demonstrating life skills and promoting independence. The knife can be placed at the table for meal times too. My children enjoy the sawing action required to cut with the knife. Get out a few carrots and little ones will be entertained peeling, cutting and eating healthy!" Mrs E, verified review


Our Little Deer Baby Party Hats

Our Little Deer

These gorgeous baby party hats have been so popular! They are handmade in Australia and are a great way to celebrate your baby's first birthday. 

Shop Our Little Deer

People 4 Ocean Sunscreen

People 4 Ocean

People 4 Ocean Sunscreen is all Aussie and it's super safe and gentle to use on everyone in the family. 

Shop People 4 Ocean

Gogochelle Trolley Liners


These deluxe trolley liners are handmade in Australia and give your child a comfortable and safe shopping experience. There are several sections to put your drinks, snacks and toys. 

Shop gogoChelle trolley liners

Good Riddance Natural Repellents

Good Riddance 

Good Riddance is a fabulous family business that make all natural, all Aussie insect repellents.

Using the power of nature with essential oils, Good Riddance is safe for kids and free of toxic DEET.

Shop Good Riddance

"It has been amazing with helping my daughter with Mosquitoes and Midgies at school. It smells really nice too!" Chloe M, verified review

Oh Flossy Kids Makeup

Oh Flossy

Oh Flossy is a super cute kids makeup range from a lovely NSW family. The entire range is made in Australia and is totally safe and non toxic. 

Shop Oh Flossy

Tully Skincare

Tully Skincare

This gorgeous skincare range is Australian made and owned. The entire range is all natural and safe for sensitive skin. It's great for everyone in the family. 

Shop Tully Skincare

Remindables bag tags for kids


Remindables are colourful clip on reminder tags for kids. They are created by two mums (who happen to be twin sisters) and are all Aussie made and eco-friendly.

Shop Remindables


Made to Milk breastfeeding boosters

Made to Milk

This fantastic brand is entirely Aussie made and owned and it's so popular!

The yummy biscuits, crackers, smoothie and hot drink products all help to boost your supply when breastfeeding.

Shop Made to Milk

"Absolutely love this brand. Hot chocolate is delicious and so are the cookies." Renee B, verified review

Lullaby skincare

Lullaby Skincare

Lullaby is an Aussie owned and made luxury organic skincare range for babies, children, sensitive and eczema-prone skin. All the products are non toxic and use the highest quality ingredients.

Shop Lullaby Skincare


Jack 'n Jill products

Jack 'n Jill

Jack 'n Jill is a very popular brand of natural products for kids that is completely Aussie owned and made!

Shop Jack 'n Jill

"My son absolutely loves the Jack 'n Jill Banana Toothpaste!" Michael, verified review


We hope this epic round up of all Aussie brand and products has you inspired to support local, small businesses! 

Do you have a favourite Aussie brand you would like us to stock? Let us know!


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