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Article: 10 Winter Essentials for Babies and Kids

10 Winter Essentials for Babies and Kids

10 Winter Essentials for Babies and Kids

Winter is nearly upon us and you can keep the family warm, well and happy with our 10 winter essentials for babies and kids. 

We are all mums here at Little Treehouse Lane and we test the products on our own kids, so these are our top picks. 

Here are the Winter Essentials we recommend to get your family winter-ready this year. 

ergoPouch sleeping bag

Sleeping Bags

Keep the kids toasty warm in an ergoPouch sleeping bag, suit or cocoon swaddle. We have one to suit your age, stage and climate! 


bedhead fleecy booties

Warm Booties and Mittens

Our favourite brand, Bedhead Hats released a fleecy range for winter including  super cute booties and mittens.


Wilson and Frenchy beanie

A Warm Beanie

We can lose up to 1/3 of our body heat through our heads, so a beanie can help keep the kids warm. 



Wilson and Frenchy Jumper

A Warm Jumpers

We have so many gorgeous knit and fleecy jumpers in store this year for babies and kids in a range of styles, colours and sizes. 


Snotty Boss


The Snotty Boss is a lifesaver when winter colds arrive! This battery operated aspirator will help clear the airways of mucus. Check out our cold remedies for kids here


Insulated Food Jar

Insulated Food Jar

The MontiiCo insulated food jars are perfect for having a hot lunch at school or out and about. Find our food jar tips and recipes



A Snuggly Blanket

There is nothing nicer than snuggling up in a blanket in winter time, reading books or just hanging out. 


Heat Pack

A Heat Pack

A safe way to provide warmth without hot water or electricity needed! Just warm up this heat pack for warming up the bed or in the pram. 


Baby Lotion

Baby Lotion

Avoid dry, irritated winter skin with Jack N Jill's Baby Lotion. It's incredibly soothing and hydrating for sensitive skin and it's hypoallergenic and free of nasties. 


Flat Out Bear Rug

Sheepskin Rug 

These large FLATOUTbear sheepskin rugs are perfect for tummy time in winter and will keep babies and kids snuggly and warm when playing. 



We hope these 10 winter essentials for babies and kids has given you some ideas and inspiration to keep the family warm and well as we head into the winter months.

Is there anything else you think we should have on our list or would like us to get in stock? Let us know!

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