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Article: 10 Tips for New Mums

10 Tips for New Mums

10 Tips for New Mums

There is no denying that being a mum for the first time is an amazing experience! It can also though be a little overwhelming and daunting. There is lots of conflicting information out there about parenting.

All of us at Little Treehouse Lane are mums and we have some thoughts - so we hope you find these 10 tips for new mums useful. 


1. Listen to your instincts

As mothers, we have a very special connection to our children. Did you know that foetal cells migrate into the mother during pregnancy? You know your baby best, so listen to your instincts and gut feelings about what to do and what not to do. 

2. Look after yourself

This one is a biggie and it is something you need to do for the rest of your parenting journey! To be the best mum you can be, you need to be at your best. So that means prioritising your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. You can't pour from an empty cup!

3. Get support

We aren't supposed to be parenting in isolation. We are supposed to be supported by partners, family, friends and the community! So reach out for help, join a mother's group and set up your support network. 

4. Nourish your body 

Pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding require a lot from a mum's body so make sure you are nourishing yourself with high quality, fresh, nutrient-dense foods. Don't forget to stay hydrated as well! An insulated water bottle can help you remember to drink water. 

5. Reality check

Let's not beat around the bush - a new baby can be hard. Your body will ache, the lack of sleep is rough and all the hormones can make you feel all the feelings. But each stage will pass, so hang in there and do what you need to do to get through. 

6. Prioritise 

New mums are often surprised by just how much time a baby can take up! It can be 2pm before you even get a shower for the day. Keep life simple and don't overcommit or overschedule yourself.  Prioritise you and your baby's wellbeing first and allow plenty of time for resting. 

7. Set up systems 

Get organised and set up systems to make life easier in the first few months. Stock the freezer with nourishing meals before baby comes, order groceries and baby supplies online and get them delivered, use your slow cooker for easy meals and get a cleaner and laundry service for as long as you need (or set up a roster for the family). A well stocked and organised nursery can also make life a lot easier. 

8. Do what's right for you

It's easy to get caught up comparing yourself with what other mums and bubs are doing. And let's not mention all that unwanted advice you may get coming your way! Always do what's right for you. Everyone will have their own unique experience of motherhood and it's more than okay to do things your way. You don't have to justify your decisions to anyone.

9. You don't need to 'get your body back'

It's true! Our bodies undergo a massive change after birthing a baby and that's completely normal and okay. We don't need to 'get our body back' and try to look like we did before baby. Release yourself from that pressure and accept, honour and cherish the changes. Your body is amazing - it made a baby!

10. Be present 

It's a cliche, but the days really are long and the years are short. It all flies by before you know it, so be present as much as you can. Soak up that baby and enjoy each stage as much as you can (and take loads of photos!) 

Remember that you the perfect mum for your little one and you are doing a great job! 

We hope these 10 tips for new mums have given you some things to think about and help reassure you about the motherhood journey. 

We have loads of information on our blog for new mums - from teething and sleeping tips to how to set up a nursery and how to choose the right dummy. Use the search function to find what you need help with. 

What tips would you add to our list for new mums? Leave us a comment. 



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