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Article: Swaddling Babies For Better Sleep

Swaddling Babies For Better Sleep

Swaddling Babies For Better Sleep


If you are a new mum, you may have heard of 'swaddling' and wondered what it is and why you would do it.

So, we are here to answer your questions about swaddling babies for better sleep!

Swaddling is a technique that has been used for generations! It involves wrapping newborns firmly in cloth to create a cocoon-like feeling, similar to being in the womb. 

New babies have a startle reflex which can wake them up and unsettle them, so swaddling aims to reduce the random flailing around of arms and legs! It also provides a sense of security and calm, especially if they are overstimulated. 

Swaddling can help newborns settle and sleep better, so it's worth trying out to see if your baby responds well to it. 

How do you swaddle? 

You can swaddle using a lightweight wrap or with a swaddle bag. 

Lightweight Wrap 

A light cotton, muslin or bamboo wrap is recommended for swaddling. Blankets or anything too heavy can cause overheating. 

You may have been shown how to swaddle baby by your birthing team or a family member. There are many good instructions online too so have a look and practice on a teddy! 

It is important if you use a wrap that baby's hips are in the right position to allow for natural hip development and avoid dysplasia of the hip. There is some good information about that here.  

Wraps are multi-purpose so you can you use them for swaddling as well as breastfeeding, to cover prams and as burp cloths too. 

The Coux bamboo swaddle wraps

The Coux Wraps : bamboo muslin

Anarkid Wraps : organic cotton

Living Textiles : organic cotton

Snuggy Jacks wraps

SNUGGLY JACKS make beautiful wraps that are cotton with a little spandex for stretchy wrapping. 


Swaddle Bag

A swaddle bag or pouch is the easy version of swaddling!

We love the ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bags. They are an easy, zip-up way to swaddle in a stretchy organic cotton. They are safe for hip development and easy to change nappies.

As the baby grows, you can use them with baby's arms out so they transform into a sleeping bag! 

ergoPouch Cocoon Swaddle Bags

Have you swaddled your babies? Let us know your experience! Did it help with sleeping and settling? 

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