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Article: Our Best Tips to Help Baby Sleep

Our Best Tips to Help Baby Sleep

Our Best Tips to Help Baby Sleep

How do you get your baby to go to sleep? This is probably one of the most common question parents ask! We have put together all of our best tips to help baby sleep.    

Baby Sleep Tips

The sleeping patterns of babies can be so different because all kids are different so it's hard to have a one size fits all approach that will work for everyone. It is often a matter of trial and error and learning what suits you and your baby best.

Watch For Sleep Cues

Figure out when your baby is sleepy so you can get them ready for bed. Try not to let them get overtired as this makes it harder to get to sleep and stay asleep. 

Signs your baby is starting to get tired include disengaging with you, staring off into space, becoming quieter, stretching, yawning, wanting to feed and red eyebrows.

Your baby might be getting overtired if they are pulling at ears, making fists, getting cranky, crying, moving jerkily, rubbing their eyes and arching the back.

Get Into A Routine

For older babies, you might like to start a night time routine. For example bath, story, massage, feed and bed in the same order every night can help signal it's time for sleep. 

ergoPouch sleeping bags and swaddles

Dress for Sleep

Dress baby in natural fibres like cotton and bamboo to help them regulate their body temperature while they sleep. We love the ergoPouch range of swaddle and sleeping bags. They are made ergonomically with breathable organic cotton and keep baby at the right temperature without worrying about blankets coming off at night. 


"This is a game changer. So easy to get baby into and no need to be an origami specialist with folding and wrapping - this sleep suit just zips up. So good." Megan B verified review

Be Quiet and Calm

While getting your baby off to sleep, keep things quiet and calm. If there is too much happening, baby will want to stay awake! Go to a quiet, dark space, keep your voice soft and low and avoid play and stimulation. 

Use A Dummy 

Yes, we know it's controversial! But, do what works for you and if a dummy helps you all get more sleep, then go for it. Have a read of our blog to find out How To Choose A Dummy for Your Baby.


Keep The Room Cool 

Experts suggest keeping the nursery at between 18 and 22 degrees celsius for optimal sleep. Babies regulate their temperature through their heads, so don't cover the heads with beanies or hats. You can check baby's temperature by feeling their chest.



Keep Lights Low

Don't turn on overhead lights. At bed time, keep lighting very low with night lights to avoid interrupting baby's natural circadian rhythm. You might also like to use reusable blockout blinds if the room is too bright (these are great for travelling!)

Do Quick Nappy Changes

Have all your nappy changing stuff ready to go to avoid waking the baby (and you) up too much. A great hack for when baby wets through to the bedding is to layer up. Put a sheet down first, then a waterproof mattress protector and then another sheet. Simply remove the top sheet and the protector and you have a fresh sheet ready to go! 

We have have the mattress protectors in Bassinet, Cradle/CoSleeper and larger cot and bed sizes.

White Noise

Some babies love that white noise, womb-like sound to help them drift off and stay asleep (just like us!). Sleep or sound machines can be white noise, lullabies, nature sounds and even shushing sounds and heartbeats! 


Consider Co-Sleeping

Co-sleeping (where baby is in bed with you) can help you all get more sleep, especially if you are breastfeeding. You can tend to the baby's needs without getting up and babies can be more settled if you are right there with them. 

Blissful Bubbles Baby Wash


Sleepy Bath and Massage

A warm bath before bed can help relax your baby and get them sleepy. Use a bath wash with calming essential oils like our Blissful Bubbles. Baby massage can also help calm baby for a more restful sleep.

Try Swaddling

Swaddling can help reduce the 'startle reflex' which can wake newborns out of their sleep. Read our blog Swaddling Babies for Better Sleep to find out more.


Little Koala Baby Comforter


Use a Comforter 

Using a comforter (a small blanket or toy with blanket) can help baby transition to independent sleep. A comforter can be a cue for baby that it's sleep time and help with self soothing. For safety, these are recommended for babies over 7 months while sleeping. 


Get Support

If your baby is persistently not sleeping, seek out expert support. There are sleep clinics and sleep consultants than can help! Also look to family and friends to help you get a break and some sleep too.


Sleep Stickers

These stickers (from the same people who make the bug repellent stickers) are infused with calming essential oils of lavender and mandarin. Promoting deep and restful sleep, safely! 


Try Not To Stress 

This is probably the last tip you want to hear! But trust us, the sleepless nights do pass, so try not to stress about it too much and go with the flow as much as you can. Babies can have sleep regression at times which can be frustrating but totally normal. Whatever you do, don't compare you and your baby with anyone else! 

We hope our best tips to help baby sleep has been useful to you. What sleep tips have you got? Let us know!


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