Kiddies Safety Food Peeler

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About Kiddies Safety Food Peeler

The safety food peeler designed especially for kids.

The Safety Food Peeler is bladeless and designed to enable all children to be able to delight in the opportunity to peel. Now children of all ages can help prepare food with a peeler that doesn’t use a blade! Since launching in late 2014, we have produced and sold 65,000 peelers both within Australia and overseas.

It is suitable for kids 3 years onwards, left or right-handers, the disabled, adult left-handers, the elderly with arthritis and dementia. It requires little strength to use – in fact, the lighter you slide it along, the better result! Pushing down is not required, it is the angle and the sliding action that enables the clever design to peel. ‘Perfectly safe meets perfect design’ – all this and it is BPA free, dishwasher safe and 100% Australian made & owned!

How to use the Safety Food Peeler.

Step 1.

Hold the peeler in either your left or right hand. Place your index finger on the moulded fingerprint.

Step 2.

Slide the peeler down the carrot or vegetable slowly, removing the outer skin. Only light pressure is required.
The peel should come off in a long ribbon. If it doesn’t, simply change the angle of the peeler.

Adult supervision is still required!

Watch our demonstration video: