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About Ro•Sham•Bobaby Sunglasses



safety and quality of our shades is our #1 concern here at ro•sham•bo baby. we have designed our shades and carrying case with baby in mind, especially baby’s desire to put them in their mouth! our shades and our case have been laboratory certified as bpa free and in compliance with the u.s. federal hazardous substances act 16 cfr 1501 for small parts (fancy way of saying there are no bad chemicals and no small parts that might fall off and be a choking hazard for your little one!). our lenses are tested by our manufacturer and an independent lab to make sure they are compliant with all US, EU and other international UV standards. we also limit the paint in our product that might chip off in baby’s mouth by molding in our logos to the sides (the other guys forgot to do that or just don’t seem to care about that nasty paint). want proof of this science mumbo jumbo? us too, so here’s the lab result.

each batch of our polarized TAC lenses are also tested for effectiveness and were specifically chosen due to their lightweight design with high performance for you sporty parents and grandparents out there. here's the smarty pants technical stuff for you:



we hate when things break. we are so confident that our shades can withstand your baby that we are offering a full damage replacement guarantee if your frames break or get damaged in the first year of their use.

we also hate when things get lost. if twisted in an extremely awkward angle, it is possible for lenses to pop out of your shades, as it is with any pair of sunglasses. have no fear! the lens is shatter resistant and small parts tested, so it is still safe for baby on its own. it is also extremely easy to pop back in to place (see the video above for an example). but, if you happen to lose a lens, we got you covered: we’ll send you a replacement lens free of charge! we can’t have one of baby's eyes unprotected! kind of defeats the purpose.

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Customer Reviews

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Kaehla Robinson

I was struggling to find some ‘in between’ size sunglasses for my 6 year old, he was too big for all the Kmart / Big W offerings and too small for the grown up sizes, plus I wanted something quality. These sunnies are polarised and float (great for the boat) and bend so hopefully he can’t break them. He loves the cool colour (bright green) and even the little cleaning bag 😂 impressed with the full package! Glad to be able to find these so easily and try them on too