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The JiffleⓇ

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The Jiffle Wagon 6 in 1 - BlackThe Jiffle Wagon 6 in 1 - Black
The Jiffle - Car Seat Adaptors
The Jiffle Wagon Cart SeatThe Jiffle Wagon Cart Seat
The Jiffle Wagon Cart Seat
Sale price$229.00
The Jiffle Wagon 6 in 1 - PineThe Jiffle Wagon 6 in 1 - Pine
The Jiffle Wagon 6 in 1 - Pine
Sale price$2,699.00
The Jiffle Wagon 6 in 1 - ClayThe Jiffle Wagon 6 in 1 - Clay
The Jiffle Wagon 6 in 1 - Clay
Sale price$2,699.00

The Jiffle wagon

A life with children is a life filled with abundance. There's more to discover, more to cherish, and more to carry. Introducing the Jiffle wagon—a versatile companion designed to accommodate the "more" in your life.

The Jiffle wagon is an all-in-one stroller that adapts to your needs in six different ways. It seamlessly transitions between a stroller with a compatible capsule, a bassinet, a regular seat, a duo configuration, a ride-along board, and even transforms into a convenient wagon cart. It's the ultimate solution for families that continue to grow.

With the Jiffle wagon, you'll never run out of space. It offers ample storage capacity, including a generous 60L cargo hold that can be securely locked for effortless transportation in your car. The stroller is equipped with excellent under-seat suspension, ensuring smooth and comfortable strolls across any terrain.

The Jiffle bassinet sets the bar high with exceptional ventilation and an optimal view for both your baby and yourself. Additionally, it includes a summer and winter seat, ensuring your little one's comfort throughout the seasons.

What's more, the Jiffle wagon is compatible with a wide range of Capsules when using the convenient capsule adaptors. When it comes to convenience, the wagon can be swiftly folded flat, with or without its wheels, allowing for easy storage. You can even load the cart directly into your car trunk, maximizing space efficiency.

That's the remarkable Jiffle wagon—ready to adapt to your ever-changing needs. So, how will you Jiffle?