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Article: Tips For Using Insulated Food Jars

Tips For Using Insulated Food Jars

Tips For Using Insulated Food Jars

An insulated food jar (or thermos) is perfect for having a hot lunch at school or work and for when you are out and about having picnics or travelling. 

It certainly makes a nice change from sandwiches and a warm meal on a cool day is comforting and nourishing!

Using Insulated Food Jars or Thermoses


Our best tips for using insulated food jars:

  • For hot foods, preheat your jar. Add boiling water to the empty food jar and let sit for around ten minutes, tip out, wipe dry, add heated food and quickly close the lid. 
  • Some people like to do a second round of boiling water (experiment with your jar and see if it's worth the extra time!)
  • Don't screw the lid on while you have boiling water in the jar - just sit the lid on top. 
  • Heat food to a really high temperature for a few minutes before putting in the insulated jar. This will ensure your food is not only safe to eat, it will also be at the perfect temperature by lunch time.  
  • Fill the food jar to capacity to retain the best heat. Empty space can make your jar cool a lot faster.
  • For cold foods, add ice, put the lid on, let sit ten minutes and then wipe dry. If you don't have ice, you can just pop them in the freezer with the lid off for ten to fifteen minutes. Use them in summer to keep salads and cold lunches chilled.  
  • Don't forget to add a spoon or a fork. Don't send your best cutlery though because it might not make it home. The MontiiCo Out and About Cutlery Sets and the RePlay forks and spoons are fabulous for this! MontiiCo have a silicone band around the jar to store the spoon and fork - clever!
  • Practice with the kids at home before using food jars for the first time, so they know how to open them and are comfortable using them.
  • If you are sending any food that is crumbed, has pastry or dough or even a toasted sandwich, add in a piece of paper towel on the bottom to soak up any condensation. 
  • Make sure you find them in the school bags in the afternoon and wash really well after use! 

Insulated Food Jar for Teenagers and Adults


How to choose the right insulated food jar?

There are a few things to consider when choosing an insulated food jar. 

How much will your child (or you) eat?

  • Use the mini if your kids are small or won't eat much. It holds 210ml.

Bentgo Insulated Food Container


Are you looking for quality?

Choose a good quality insulated food jar made from safe materials to ensure your food is safe to eat. Food-grade stainless steel inserts ensure no plastics are leached into hot food. 

Good quality food jars will last you for years and handle the rough and tumble of kids! The MontiiCo insulated food jars feature a silicone bumper on the bottom for added protection against bumps.

All of our insulated food jars are made from the safest, best quality materials. 

Omie Box

When you need your lunch all in the one box, but want some of it hot, Omie Box is the answer! It features an insulated section of the lunchbox that keeps food hot for up to 6 hours. Genius.

What do you put in an insulated food jar?

Well, pretty much any food you like, that you want to keep hot or really cold. Soups, stews, noodles and pasta do really well hot in a food jar and salads, fruits and yoghurt do well when you use it cold, but really you are only limited by your imagination.

Check out our blog with some more ideas for lunches in an insulated food jar.


"Super cute, easy to clean and works well!" Amy S, Verified Review

Do your kids love taking a food jar to school? Do you take one to work? Let us know your ideas!



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