Tips For Setting Up A Nursery For Your Baby

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Tips For Setting Up A Nursery For Your Baby

 A new baby on the way is so exciting. Where to start getting organised? Here are our tips for setting up a nursery for your baby!

1. The Room

If you can, choose the quietest room in the house for the nursery. Make sure there is good ventilation and heating or cooling to keep baby comfortable (and sleeping soundly)!

Check for mould and make sure you off-gas any new carpet and furniture. 

2. Safe Sleeping

Somewhere safe to sleep is a priority. Whether you buy a cot or a bassinet or co-sleep, it's important to have a firm mattress and avoid pillows, bumpers, toys and quilts near a sleeping baby. 

A simple fitted sheet and a sleeping bag are safe alternatives. 

We like the Wilson and Frenchy Organic Sheets as they avoid any chemicals.   ergoPouch has a range of safe sleeping swaddles and bags.

3. Storage

  • Babies seem to need a lot of stuff! Get some good storage options and sort everything into baskets. 
  • You might want to make some labels for the baskets so other family members can help you keep an organised system. 
  • Our number one time and sanity saving tip? Don't fold all those teeny socks and onesies, just pop them in all in their own basket!
  • Baskets are also great for setting up 'stations'. Pop everything you need for changing and feeding in their own baskets which then become portable for moving around the house as you need. 
  • Less clutter also means a relaxing, safe space for you and baby. 

4. A Change Table and a Comfy Chair

A soft, comfortable chair with armrests and a footstool for feeding baby is an absolute god-send when you will be spending hours in this position. 

Invest in a good changing table or add a changing mat to a dresser at the right height for you. Although you can just use the floor or the bed to change baby, it does put strain on your back. 

Looking after your body is really important, especially in the postpartum period when your ligaments are still soft. 


5. Tummy Time

A soft, quilted playmat is a great addition for safe and clean tummy time on the floor. It will grow with your baby and be useful for years to come. 


6. Soft Lighting

Soft lighting for night-time feeds is a must. Bright lights are not good for you or baby's circadian rhythms. 

We love this Swan Night Light. 

7. Decor

Let's face it, decorating a baby nursery is totally all about us and not the baby, but that's okay! It's nice to have a beautiful space that brings us joy and comfort. 

Our top tip is to keep walls, flooring and window dressings as neutral as you can, because kids do grow up so fast and they will be wanting their own choices before you know it. 

Create your theme and colour in smaller, less expensive touches like linen, wall art, wall stickers and decals, cushions and toys.

An open bookshelf to display books and toys can double as decoration and it   can be easily changed as they grow. 

Think outside the box. You may already have some pieces in your home that would look great in a baby nursery. It doesn't have to be all pink elephants!


8. Baby Proof

It's easier to start off with a safe baby-proof nursery! Choose safe furniture that meets the Australian standards and check older furniture hasn't got any lead-based paint or splinters. 

Cover electrical outlets, anchor heavy furniture and put medications up high. Don't put anything heavy on the wall above baby's bed and watch out for blind cords. Canopies are gorgeous, but better for over your feeding chair or a corner nook. 

Also consider that kids are messy, so you want everything in the nursery to be washable!


We would love to hear your tips for setting up a nursery for your baby. Let us know in the comments. 


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