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Article: The Benefits of Sensory Toys

The Benefits of Sensory Toys

The Benefits of Sensory Toys

We have seen a rise of sensory products over the last few years, so we wanted to explore the benefits of sensory toys and why they are so useful! 

What are sensory toys?

Sensory toys or products are those designed to help stimulate one or more of a child's senses using fun and play. The purpose is to encourage learning, stimulation and development. 

They are often used for children with disabilities, developmental challenges and those who are neurodivergent, but all children will benefit and have fun with sensory products. 

What are the benefits of sensory toys? 

Sensory toys can assist with: 

  • emotional regulation
  • calming and reducing anxiety 
  • enhancing social skills 
  • improving fine motor skills
  • improving balance and co-ordination 
  • enhancing creativity and imagination
  • improving problem solving skills 
  • increasing concentration and focus 

How to choose the right sensory toy?

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a sensory toy:

  • the age and developmental stage of your child
  • the sense that needs stimulating or calming 
  • the quality and safety of the toy

If your child is under the care of specialists, then be guided by their advice on what is the most appropriate product for the outcomes you are looking for. 

Our favourite sensory products

Playsilk and Sensory Ball

A beautiful sensory experience with 100% silk and silicone ball for imaginative play while fostering fine motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination. 


"Great for baby development" ~ Suzanne, K, verified review

Calm Down Bottles

The perfect sensory toy to help kids self-regulate and improve focus. 


"These work so well as a distraction for my son when he becomes increasingly frustrated with things, and struggles to regulate himself emotionally. We actually own three calm down bottles in our household. Worth every cent for us!" ~ Sarah M, verified review

Silicone Sensory Pendants

These safe and effective sensory chew/fidget toys help kids dependently calm and control their nervous systems. They come in a range of fun designs! 

Sensory Play Trays

The perfect canvas for little hands to explore and young minds to focus, encouraging a variety of engaging activities. Includes a silicone lid for easy packing away and reuse. 

Sensory Cube

Enhance your baby's development through interactive and purposeful play with this 4 in 1 Sensory Learning Cube. With bonus activity guide!

Sensory Colouring Mats

A colouring mat with a dropper for extra sensory input to enhance fine motor skills and creativity.

There are so many benefits for babies and children in using sensory toys and products! What have you found that your kids love?




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