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Article: Our Top Tips For Road Tripping With Kids

Our Top Tips For Road Tripping With Kids

Our Top Tips For Road Tripping With Kids

There's no doubt that travelling with kids is a bit more challenging than going solo. But if you plan ahead, it can go a lot more smoothly. Here are our top tips for road tripping with kids. 

Take Your Time

Kids will need breaks for the toilet and having a run around, so don't make your schedule too tight. Allow plenty of time for breaks and expect the trip to take longer than it normally would. Kids may need a break every two hours.

Leaving really early in the morning and popping the kids in the car in their pyjamas can be a great strategy as hopefully they will sleep for part of the trip. 

Plan The Route

Do a little research and find out the best places to stop for breaks. Find the best playgrounds or rest stops where you have all the amenities you will need.

If you need to stop overnight, holiday parks are great because they usually have a pool and fantastic play areas for the kids. Our tip is to search 'town + kid friendly' to find all the best spots. 

Subo Food Bottle

Load Up On The Snacks

No smart parent goes anywhere without snacks! Stopping to buy food at servos and cafes can work out really expensive, so pack plenty of healthy snacks and a few treats (hey, bribery might needed at some point on the trip!)

Pack everyone their own food in a lunchbox or cooler bag so there is no fighting. Choose things that don't make too much mess for your own sanity! 

Put liquid food like yoghurt into the Subo Food Bottle or Squeasy Snacker for mess free eating. 

"Absolutely amazing, no mess or fuss, my kids love it! Makes the morning daycare and car trips easy, kids can have their breakfast yoghurt and my car doesn’t wear it. Highly recommend." Victoria P, verified review of Subo Food Bottle.

Stay Hydrated 

Yes, we know that it might mean extra toilet stops but dehydration can cause crankiness and headaches! Grab everyone their own insulated, no spill water bottle that you can top up as needed during the trip. 

Wet Bag Bedhead Hats

Minimise Car Sickness 

Plan ahead for travel sickness, because surprise spewing is not fun for anyone! Bring along spare clothes, towels, baby wipes and vomit bags or the good old ice-cream container.

A couple of wet bags are also useful to store everything yucky in until you can get to a washing machine. If you have a kid that is notorious for car sickness, the Spewy Mats might also be a good idea. 

To prevent sickness, you might like to try ginger lollies, motion sickness bands, homeopathy or medication.

SECRET TIP : Some people swear by unusual remedies like sitting on newspaper or putting a bandaid over belly buttons! Let us know what works for you. 

Houdini Stop


Make sure you have the kids in a quality car seat that is fitted correctly. Read our blog on Car Seat Safety to find out more. 

The Piddle Pad is great to catch any accidents and the Houdini Stop is a must have for kids who like to escape their car seats. If you need to keep an eye on the kids from the front seat, the InfaSecure Car Mirror is a safe and easy way to do it.

Hey Doodle Colouring Mats

Boredom Busters on Car Trips

Let's face it, long car trips can be soooo boring! So, make sure you have plenty of ideas ready to go so you don't have to listen to "Are we there yet?" over and over again. Here are some of our ideas:   

  • Put on some fun music or audiobooks  
  • Play games like I Spy, Spotto and I'm Going On A Picnic. You could even get the kids to research games and pick out five each they want to play
  • Have a selection of books to read 
  • Sensory toys like the Calm Down Bottle are great to play with and can relieve any anxiety
  • Reusable Colouring Mats, Magic Painting Kits and the Scratch and Scribble Kits are perfect for travel
  • Electronics can be really useful on long trips, so allow some screen time 
  • Buy some small toys to use as distractions or rewards when things are getting a bit hairy!

Everyone Has Their Own Bag

Get each kid to pack a bag each for their activities, hat, food, drink bottle, sunscreen and anything else they may need for the journey and breaks. A small cuddle toy or comforter and small pillow and blanket are good for napping. 

It will save you having to look through all the luggage and gives them some responsibility.

Mood Calming Stickers

Keep Calm 

We know! Travelling with kids isn't always the most fun experience in the world so be prepared for the inevitable whinging and meltdowns.

Plan in advance using our tips so you are already one step ahead. You can also prepare the kids by letting them know details of the journey, any car rules and expectations you have. 

SECRET TIP:  Put a Mood Calming Sticker on everyone (including mum and dad!!)

And last but not least, enjoy your road trip! With busy lives, it may not be often the whole family is in the one place at the one time, so take advantage of the time to chat, play and have fun!

So, that's our top tips for road tripping with kids, what are your tips? Let us know!

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