15 Lunch Box Snack Ideas for Kids

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15 Lunch Box Snack Ideas for Kids

If you are looking for some new ideas and inspiration for lunch box snack ideas for kids, we hope our list helps! There are 15 awesome ideas that you may not have thought of before. 

Sometimes just changing up the presentation can make all the difference in keeping the kids interested in a healthy snack. Having smaller bite-sized snacks can be easier for kids to manage and encourage eating. 


1. Mini Banana Pikelets. So fun! Just cut up bananas into circles, dip generously in your favourite pancake batter and cook in a pan!

2. Cinnamon Popcorn. Healthy and a whole food! Pop it at home yourself and add a sprinkle of cinnamon for a slightly sweet flavour. 

3. Apple Donuts or Chips. Cut apple into rings with the core removed or into chips. Toss in lemon juice to stop them going brown.  

4Fruit Kebabs. Everything tastes better on a stick! Use the bento Stix by Punch to make fun mini kebabs.

5. Cheese Puffs. These savoury snacks are a great way to sneak in a few vegetables! Find the recipe at Veggie Smugglers. 

6. Sushi Sandwiches. These are super cute! Cut the crusts off bread, roll gently with a rolling pin, spread with your favourite toppings, roll up tightly and cut slices like sushi! 


7. Leftovers. If the kids loved their dinner, send some to school as well. The Omie Box has a cute little section in their boxes that is fully insulated so you can keep things hot. Such a brilliant idea!

8. Roasted Chickpeas. So easy to make and really healthy. Just soak dried chickpeas overnight. Rinse well, add some oil and your choice of seasoning. Roast in a moderate oven for about an hour or until really crispy. 

9. Boiled Eggs. We often forget the basics but boiled eggs are such a great snack for kids - easy to eat and full of protein to keep them satisfied. 

10. Vegie Fritters. Everything tastes better in a fritter! Make mini sized fritters with lots of grated vegetables for a really healthy snack idea. 

11. Homemade Banana Chips. These are so yummy! Just pop a little fruit juice or coconut oil onto banana slices and bake in a low oven or dehydrator until dried out. Store in an air-tight container.

B Box Snack Box


12. Dip! There is something so fun about dipping! Use fruit, vegetables or crackers and a yummy dip or yoghurt. The B Box Snack pack is perfect for this because each section seals separately so there is no spillage! 

13. Apricot Balls. These are the super simple, healthy version of apricot bites. Just whizz up 1.5 cups of dried apricots and 1 cup of coconut in a food processor and roll into balls or press into a tray and cut into squares. 

14. 2 Ingredient Biscuits. These are so quick and easy! Mix two mashed bananas with a cup of oats and bake spoonfuls in a medium oven for fifteen minutes. You can add extra flavours and ingredients if you like too. 

15. Ham Roll Ups. It can be this simple! Place your choice of fillings on a slice of ham, roll up and secure with the Stix by Punch. Try a thin slice of cheese, cucumber sticks or even some scrambled egg leftover from breakfast. Yum!

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We hope our 15 Lunch Box Snack Ideas for Kids list has given you some new ideas to try out.

What do your kids love as a snack? Let us know in the comments below. 

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