Fun and Festive Christmas Ideas for Kids

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Fun and Festive Christmas Ideas for Kids

We love Christmas here at Little Treehouse Lane!! 

This is our round-up of our favourite fun and festive Christmas ideas for kids. 

We have included crafts, fun food ideas and DIY gifts that are all easy to do. If you have an advent calendar, these ideas would be fun activities to include in the countdown. 

It's also really fun to get together with other families and make these! Each family brings supplies for one activity each with enough for everyone. 

Plan an afternoon crafting with friends and then eat your fun festive food for snacks. A great way to keep the kids occupied these school holidays!

Candy Cane Playdough Craft Kit

Candy Cane Playdough

These craft kits we have in store make it really easy! Everything you need is in one kit - glittery peppermint play dough, a star cutter, roller and stamp. 

These are handmade in Australia using environmentally sustainable materials and packaging. They also make a great gift idea!

Easy Marshmallow Christmas Tree

Marshmallow Christmas Tree

Just two ingredients are needed for these delicious Christmas trees- white marshmallows and white chocolate.  A very cute and inexpensive gift that the kids can make themselves for loved ones.

Fancy it up with some wrapping and gift tags. You could also make mini trees using red and green Smarties! 

Reindeer Leaf Craft

Reindeer Leaf Craft

A super simple and inexpensive nature craft for the kids. No fancy supplies needed - just forage in your garden as part of the activity and use a craft punch to make shapes.

You could even glue these to cardboard to make your own Christmas cards. So cute!

Grinch Fruit Kebabs Christmas Fun Food

Grinch Fruit Kebabs

So easy and healthy but still festive and fun. These would be great when you have to take a plate or just for snacks for the kids. 

Get the kids cutting themselves with the Kiddies Food Cutter Knife. Our top tip is to use a little lemon juice to keep the banana nice and fresh. 

Christmas Snow Globes

We have had so much fun making these snow globes over the years. Just use small jars you already have at home or source (along with the decorations) from discount and thrift stores.  

They are surprisingly easy to make and look great as decorations or for gifting to special people. 

We really recommend using glycerine as it gives you the slower moving effect to the glitter. You can usually find it at chemists. 

Easy Reindeer Biscuit
You have to love a good no-bake, super easy idea!! You don't even need to turn on the oven.  These cute reindeer biscuits are just Arrowroots biscuits, Nutella, Tiny Teddies, strawberry and cream lollies and choc chips. So fun and even the toddlers can help with this one. 


Reindeer Rudolph Lollipops

Rudolph Lollipops

This simple idea is great for class gifting or hang them on the tree!

They are very easy to make in whatever coloured cardboard you like. Use stick-on googly eyes or just draw them on! Tape to a lollipop and write a lovely message on the back. 

The cutting out provides some fine motor skills practice for the kids too. 

Christmas Watermelon Trees

Watermelon Christmas Trees

These trees are so simple but they look so festive and perfect for a hot summer day! Just cut tree shapes out of watermelon and pipe on some yoghurt for a festive look. 

Great for taking a plate to a Christmas party and end of year celebrations. Leftover watermelon offcuts make a yummy slushy with ice and mint in the blender. 

Clay Star Christmas Craft Kit

Clay Star Christmas Craft

Make cute Christmas ornaments with this kit. Everything you need is included - clay, cutters, bio-glitter, wooden shapes, stamps and rolling pin. 

The clay is air-drying so you don't need to use the oven. 

Let the kid's imagination run wild! Turn them into bunting or decorations for the tree or gifts. So fun!

Easy Candy Cane Hearts

Candy Cane Hearts

So easy! Just melt two candy canes together in the oven to make Christmas hearts.

You can use them for gifts, tree decorations, bunting or for the Christmas table. 

Kit Kat Christmas House

The kids might need a bit of help with this one but it is a much easier version of a gingerbread house. All you need to do is stick all the chocolate and lollies together with melted chocolate. 

You can get really creative with different colours and lollies! 

We hope these ideas come in handy for Christmas activities with the family this year. Do you have any other fun ideas? Let us know! 

For Christmas this year at Little Treehouse Lane, we have free gift wrapping and free reindeer food with all orders. 

You can see our CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDES here if you need some shopping inspiration. 

Have a very Merry Christmas, from our families to yours. 

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