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Article: 6 Healthy Recipes for Lunch Boxes

6 Healthy Recipes for Lunch Boxes

6 Healthy Recipes for Lunch Boxes

Needing inspiration for lunch boxes? These recipes will make packing lunches easy and fun! Check out our 6 healthy recipes for lunch boxes. 

Mini Frittatas 

A great way to use up leftovers and get some veggies into the kids! 

Serve these warm in the insulated section of the Omie Box

Broccoli Bites

Yummy and full of nutrients, these cheesy broccoli bites will be a hit with the kids!

A snack container is a great way to take your bites on the go with toddlers or for school lunches.

Pizza Bread

Super easy to make, this pizza bread freezes well so make a double batch. 

These frittatas will fit in a medium bento style lunchbox

Oven-Fried Chicken 

This is a great budget recipe and the savoury spice mix will have the kids coming back for seconds! 

A large bento style lunch box is perfect for larger food like chicken drumsticks. 

Sweet Potato and Chicken Nuggets

Bulk out chicken mince with sweet potato and couscous with these tasty little nuggets! Yummo.

These go really well in an insulated food jar! Just heat them up and add a piece of paper towel to the bottom to avoid sogginess.  Read our blog on Insulated Food Jar Tips for more great hacks.

Apple Crumble Slice

Made from pantry basics, this slice is the perfect healthy sweet treat for lunch boxes! 

Use a small bento style box for these little squares of yum.


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