10 Mum Hacks - Products That Save Your Sanity!

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10 Mum Hacks - Products That Save Your Sanity!

Being a mum is incredibly beautiful and rewarding. And it's also challenging as well! The sheer effort it takes to organise the care of little ones is quite often a feat. So, we love a mum hack here at Little Treehouse Lane. 

What's a mum hack? 

Well, anything that helps save us time and money, makes life flow more smoothly and keeps us organised, we are all over.

There are so many awesome mums who have invented products to solve common issues and problems and make mum life much easier. 

We have rounded up our favourite 10 mum hacks - products that save your sanity! 

Use a wet bag for all the things!

Wet bags are one of our favourite products for keeping mess to a minimum. They are an eco-friendly way to keep wet swimmers, nappies, breast pads, anything a bit icky contained until you get home. 

They can also be used for so many other things: 

  • washing delicates and toys in the washing machine 

  • makeup and toiletry bags (contains spills!)

  • a travel laundry bag to keep your dirty clothes separate

  • as a rubbish bag in the car or when out and about 

  • for wet clothes at day care (store dry ones in there so they can switch them out)

  • add ice to make a cold pack for bumps and bruises 

  • for gym clothes and towels 

  • anytime you need a handy little water-proof bag!


Subo Food Bottle

Use a SUBO food bottle for less mess!

The SUBO is one of the most innovative products we have seen and we love that is an all Aussie company! 

The food bottle allows babies and toddlers to feed themselves independently without the mess. The clever design has a platform that moves automatically up the bottle as your child eats. This pushes the food up so there is no need to tip or squeeze in order to finish the meal! 


"We love our Subo bottle! For Mr Independent 11 month old, meal times were ridiculously messy! Now with the Subo, he can still feed himself, and we’re not left with a massive clean up afterwards. We find it very easy to disassemble and wash. And simple to put back together." Sarah 

DIY Blockout Blinds

Block out the sun for better sleep!

If your babies or kids need complete darkness to sleep (and stay asleep longer than 5am) these window blockout blinds will do the trick!

They use static cling, not adhesives and you can cut the roll to suit the shape of your windows. 100% of sun is blocked out and you can reuse them. Genius!


Snotty Boss Aspirator

Help kids breathe when they have a cold!

There is nothing worse than snot!! Well, maybe a few things. Babies and little kids are always getting colds but if you can help clear the mucus so they can breathe better, they are so much more comfortable and sleep better.

Snotty Boss make a brilliant aspirator (and it's the least gross way we have found of clearing the snot!) It's safe and gentle and it works!


Hold your pram cover in place!

When out and about in the pram, you often have to cover it with a muslin or light cloth to keep the sun out or to keep the babes undisturbed while sleeping. But how annoying is it when they fly off and slip down? 

Well, that's what Pram Pegs are for!! Super clever and so easy to use.


Quick toy tidy up!

How clever is this idea. Spread out the toys and play on the Play Pouch and then when it's time to tidy up or go home, just pull the drawstring and off you go.  

They are great for storage as well - organise all the different toys in different bags!


Oi Oi Stroller Organiser

Keep everything organised!

Your hands are busy pushing the pram, so keeping everything you need close to hand makes life so much easier! Keep your keys, purse, phone and baby wipes close at hand, no rummaging around needed. 

There are seperate sections, two roomy front pockets and a zipped pocket at the back. With velcro strips, it attaches to the pram easily and you can detach it and add the strap to use as a handbag! So clever. 

Pram clips are also a great idea if you don't need a whole new bag.


Houdini Stop strap for carseats

Keep the kids safe in the car!

Some kids hate being in the car and will wriggle around and slip out of their car seats! The Houdini Stop is an innovative product that keeps their arms in. 

It's safe, legal and has been tested to comply with all safety standards.


Wee Target

Toilet training made easy!

Mums of small boys (and actually maybe the big ones too!!) will know how hard it is to keep the toilet clean. 

These Wee Targets are such a great idea. Attach them to the back of your toilet and warm urine will make the black spot turn into an image!! It teaches kids how to aim correctly and saves the mess and stress. Brilliant. 

BUY WEE TARGETS HERE (soccer and fire engine available)

The Chomper

Make bite-size food anywhere!

The Chomper is a hand gadget that will grind or mash up food easily into manageable pieces for little ones. Perfect for when you are out and about or on holidays. 

It comes with a carry case and lightweight enough for the nappy bag. 



How good are these mum hacks? Saving time, money and our sanity with clever, innovative products designed to make life easier!! 

What is your favourite mum hack? Let us know!

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