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Article: All About Bobux

All About Bobux

All About Bobux

We are so excited to be Mackay's exclusive stockist of award-winning kids' shoes, Bobux!

There are loads of baby and kids' shoes on the market but we focus on stocking the very best quality shoes we can find. 

Why do you need to buy quality shoes for kids? 

It's incredibly important that babies and kids have shoes that support their natural foot development. Poorly fitted shoes can cause deformity, weakness and loss of mobility.

Comfortable shoes that fit well are essential for kids. We all know ourselves how awful badly fitting shoes can feel. When kids are running and jumping, shoes need to be able to support the foot and provide stability and comfort. 

Bobux kids shoes

About Bobux

Bobux has been making shoes for over thirty years! It all started in a garage in New Zealand when Chris and Colleen Bennett needed shoes for their daughter. Chris crafted some shoes with soft soles that allowed for the feet to move naturally.

From humble beginnings at market stalls, Bobux is now sold worldwide! With more innovation and clever designs, they are a market leader in quality kids' shoes. 

Bobux shoes

Why we love Bobux Shoes

  • Podiatrist approved! Bobux work with podiatrists to ensure that their shoes are designed to support the natural gait and movement of kids' feet. 
  • High quality materials like leather and wool are used for their durability, breathability and adjustability. 
  • Hand made. Each shoe is hand cut, individually stitched and assembled by hand. 
  • Innovative design. Bobux shoes are designed not only to be comfortable, they have good adjustability to fit all feet widths. 
  • Beautiful styles and colours. There is a colour and style to suit everyone from bright colours to neutral naturals and shimmery pastels. 

Bobux Toddler's Shoes

A size for every stage and age

Bobux size their shoes according to 5 developmental stages, so you get the right fit, every time. 

  • SOFT SOLE: The stage range for newborns, babies and early crawlers
  • XPLORER: The stage range for kids almost walking and cruisers
  • STEP UP: The stage range for early walkers
  • IWALK: The stage range for confident walkers
  • KID +: The stage range for active kids

 Bobux Shoes

We have over 30 styles of Bobux in store and online but we are more than happy to order in any size or style that you would like! 

For sizing help, please get in touch with our team in store or by email and we will guide you through it. 

See all BOBUX SHOES here.

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