10 Summer Essentials for Babies and Kids

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10 Summer Essentials for Babies and Kids

Summer is nearly upon us and you can keep the family sun-safe, cool and happy with our 10 summer essentials for babies and kids. 

We are all mums here at Little Treehouse Lane and we test the products on our own kids! 

Here are our 10 Summer Essentials we recommend to get your family summer-ready this year. 

1.  A Good Sun Hat

It's so important to keep babies and kids sun safe with a good broad brimmed hat that covers their face and neck. 

We stock Bedhead Hats because they are one of the very best in Australia. Here is what we love:

  • UPF50+ protection
  • Anti-flop brim to keep out of their eyes
  • Soft, comfortable materials and chin strap 
  • Aussie owned and designed 
  • A huge range of styles, colours and prints, including swim hats!

Shop all Bedhead Hats here. 

2. Sun Safe Swimmers

Choosing swimmers, togs or cossies (depending on where you are from) with really good coverage and sun protection is our top tip.

It saves so much time (and stress) when applying sunscreen to wriggly kids impatient to get wet. Only do the bits not covered by the swimsuits!!

We love Tribe Tropical for:

  • UPF50+ protection 
  • Excellent coverage with long sleeves
  • Queensland owned and designed 
  • Sizing from babies to adults (you can match with the kiddos!)
  • Super soft and comfy to wear

Shop all Tribe Tropical swimmers here.

Wet Bags Bedhead Hats Mackay stockist
3. Wet Bags 

Whoever invented wet bags, we salute you!!

Getting wet things home without saturating everything else is the ultimate mum hack. They are perfect for swimming lessons, the pool, beach, messy play, reusable nappies and bibs - basically anything wet and icky!

A reusable wet bag is the sustainable option over single use plastic bags and they are so easy to wash and keep using. Just empty and wash as soon as you can to avoid funky odours and mould, especially if you are in a tropical climate like us here in Mackay. 

We have three great styles and sizes of wet bags in store to choose from:

Roshambo Baby Kids Sunglasses Mackay stockist
4. Sunglasses for Eye Protection

Did you know that UV rays can damage our retinas just like they can damage our skin? Babies and kids are a lot more susceptible due to their lenses being still clear and pupils wider. 

If you live in a particularly sunny place, sunglasses are a must-have for outdoors.

We stock RoShamBo sunglasses and love these features: 

  • Sizing for babies, toddlers, kids and adults
  • Polarised and UVA/B/C protection
  • Unbreakable! Bend and twist them!
  • Head strap available for the little ones 
  • Makes you look so cool!!

Shop all RoShamBo Sunglasses here

 MontiiCo Insulated Water Bottles Mackay stockist

5. Cold Water for Hydration

Staying well hydrated is so important for babies, toddlers and kids in summer. It's surprisingly easy to get dehydrated quickly, especially if you are out in the sun. Nobody wants cranky, headachey kids!

We recommend getting insulated water bottles to keep water icy cold. There is nothing worse than drinking luke warm water on a hot day! The insulated bottles will keep water cold all day long. 

Stainless steel is also safe in the heat, unlike plastic which can leach chemicals into water in hot temperatures. 

Check out these we recommend: 

They come in all different sizes, styles and colours to suit everyone in the family!

Insulated food jars are also useful in summer to keep salads and fruit fresh and cold.  

 Scrunch Kids Beach Toys

6. Fun Beach Toys

What is a day at the beach without a bucket and spade? It's such a great sensory activity for development that is fun as well. 

What generation doesn't remember making sandcastles at the beach?

We love that Scrunch Kids has improved on the old-fashioned plastic beach toys that go brittle and break. 

Here's why Scrunch Kids is one of our favourite products:

  • Soft and bendy silicone that can be folded away
  • Heaps of on-trend colours to mix and match
  • Eco-friendly, recyclable and reusable 
  • A fantastic, fun gift for kids of all ages 

Shop all Scrunch Kids here.

 Naomi T

"We love our Scrunch bucket! It's such a great idea! We take it to the beach all the time!"

Bling2o Goggles
7. Swim Goggles 

A good set of goggles can help prevent red itchy eyes from chlorine and help kids see under water!

Getting the kids to wear them can be a challenge though, which is why Bling2o are onto a winner with their cool styles. 

Our best tip is to familiarise kids with the goggles before swimming classes. Practice in the bath and wear around the house so there is no anxiety about wearing them when it's time to jump in the water. 

We have them in so many styles from sharks to Mack trucks to fancy lashes and sprinkles and butterflies.  These have been very popular as gifts this year! 

Shop all Bling2o Goggles here.

 MontiiCo lightweight sand resistant towel

8. Sand Resistant Towels 

These are such an ingenious idea - beach towels that don't get sand stuck in them. Is there anything worse than getting sand all over the car and house after a day at the beach?!

MontiiCo have just released their new towels and bag sets! 

They can be used at the beach, gym, pool or for travelling. Here is why we love them:

  • lightweight at just 500g

  • sand resistant technology 

  • super absorbent and fast drying 

  • durable and made to last

  • matching waterproof bag included

Shop MontiiCo Towels here. 

RePlay Plates Bowls Cups Mackay

9. Reusable Picnic Set

Summer means more outdoor food - picnics, barbecues and lunch down at the beach.

Our kids have a set of Re-Play plates, bowls, cups and cutlery each for summer. It's the eco-friendly option to using disposable and single-use products and each kid loves having their own colour!! 

These are dishwasher safe, so easy for a quick clean up at home. We have so many colours to choose from - you can mix and match for theme parties and Christmas. 

A whole set makes a really great practical gift for a family! 

Shop the RePlay range here.

Krista Bagley 

"The RePlay range are such great quality and at such an affordable price! We love ours!"

Play Pouch Waterproof

10. Waterproof Mat

You know we love an innovative product here at Little Treehouse Lane! Anything that makes mum life easier is a winner with us. 

Play Pouch have a mini pouch that doubles as a waterproof mat and a bag! 

Here's what we love:

  • shoulder straps and zip pocket
  • waterproof and washable
  • large 70cm diameter 
  • perfect for the beach, pool, park and swimming lessons
  • safe and clean space to change nappies and for babies to play
  • can be used as a wet bag to go home

Shop Play Pouch Mini Waterproof Mat and Bag.

Free Summer Bucket List Printable 

Download your Summer Bucket List here and have fun making memories with the kids! 

Are you ready for summer? 

We hope our list of our top 10 summer essentials for babies and kids has given you some inspiration. 

All of these summer essentials also make great gifts for Christmas. You might like to combine a few things into a fun beach pack for the kids. 

Let us know if we can help you! 


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