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About Good Vibes Affirmation Cards

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Our Growth Mindset cards have the power to change the way your child views themselves.

The therapeutic effect of our colour and action cards aims to promote a healthy mindset.

The cards enable children to reflect on thoughts and feelings through meaningful acts and demonstrate how they can portray these emotions in their daily life.

The Science Behind Our Cards

The self-affirmation theory demonstrates how individuals positively affirm to maintain a sense of self-integrity. This means we can create an overarching view of our identity (ex. I am a good person) which can then be applied in various contexts and situations in our life (I am a good student and I am good daughter/son). It shows a feeling of adequacy, to be good enough to complete a task and be worthy of the praise given.

These cards can also be used in therapy with young people to enhance their self-esteem, self-concept and as a result develop their resilience.

- Drawing enables children to express feelings and emotions that can’t be verbally said.

- Colouring helps them focus their attention, spark creativity, and be relaxed.

- Listing out steps encourages reflective thinking and decision-making.

How to Use It

- Create a fun, daily practice of connection as you discuss power words that your child will carry with them throughout their life.

- Explain to your child why it's important to develop a positive affirmation habit.

- Repeat the affirmation cards 5-10 times a day in a positive way.

- Set an example by doing it yourself. Be a model. Children imitate their parents. Practice with your child or do it together as a family.

When to use it

- First thing in the morning to start the day off on a positive note. You could place the card on the bathroom mirror for them to read while they’re brushing their teeth.

- Before sleeping to allow thoughts to enter the subconscious mind. You could pick a card with your child at night which resonates with how they are feeling. It's a helpful way to bond, teach, reflect, and end the night on a positive note.

- Whenever your child needs support.

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