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Munchi SnackMunchi Snack
Munchi Snack
Sale priceFrom $39.95

15 colors available

Munchbox Mega 3 Mono CollectionMunchbox Mega 3 Mono Collection
Munchbox Sparkle Black Mega 3Munchbox Sparkle Black Mega 3
Munchbox Mini 4Munchbox Mini 4
Munchbox Mini 4
Sale price$44.95
Munchbox Sparkle Gold Mini 4
Munchbox Mega 4 NeonMunchbox Mega 4 Neon
Munchbox Mega 4 Neon
Sale price$44.95
Munchbox Midi 5Munchbox Midi 5
Munchbox Midi 5
Sale price$44.95

5 colors available

Munchbox Sparkle Midi 5Munchbox Sparkle Midi 5
Munchbox Sparkle Midi 5
Sale price$57.95

3 colors available

Munchbox Maxi 6Munchbox Maxi 6
Munchbox Maxi 6
Sale price$44.95

9 colors available

Munchbox Mix & MatchMunchbox Mix & Match
Munchbox Mix & Match
Sale price$64.95

9 colors available

Munchbox TraysMunchbox Trays
Munchbox Trays
Sale priceFrom $19.95
Munchbox Munch CupsMunchbox Munch Cups
Munchbox Munch Cups
Sale priceFrom $9.95

11 colors available

Munchbox SporksMunchbox Sporks
Munchbox Sporks
Sale price$9.95

3 colors available

Stix By Lunch PunchStix By Lunch Punch
Stix By Lunch Punch
Sale priceFrom $7.95
Lunch Punch Pairs Sandwich CuttersLunch Punch Pairs Sandwich Cutters
Munchbox Mini SporksMunchbox Mini Sporks
Munchbox Mini Sporks
Sale price$8.95

3 colors available

Lunch Punch Easter Cutter and Bento SetLunch Punch Easter Cutter and Bento Set
Sold outMunchbox Munch LidMunchbox Munch Lid
Munchbox Munch Lid
Sale price$14.95

With Munchbox Lunchboxes you don't need plastic wrap, disposable bags and tinfoil

Munchbox Lunchboxes are all about fun and easy ways to get kids excited about food. All Munchbox products are designed to be sturdy, easy to clean and, of course, completely food-safe. Your child will love opening their box to discover a beautifully presented little meal all laid out for them and with Munchbox it’s too easy!

Each compartment is specifically designed with child-sized portions in mind and keeps foods fresh and separate through a specially sealed lid. Holding over 5 cups of food, with a convenient leak proof lid and removable food trays, Munchbox makes lunch fun!