Bec & Bello

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The Gorgeous Bec & Bello Backpacks come in a range of gorgeous styles!

Perfect for Kindy or School, they are available in 5 great character who all have a story to tell!


Belle Bonne - The sophisticated Belle Bonne’, is as sharp witted, strong minded and intelligent as she is self-assured and confident in herself. Her leadership and strength see her to be the force for greatness in all that she sets out to achieve.

Girls of the Woods - The creative free-spirited girl of the woods is uniquely her own being. Determined to take on her world, her own way, care-free and with that touch of left of field thinking, she will always carry the inner confidence of every courageous hero she has ever read about and admired.

Daisy Chain - Daisy Chain is on a continuous journey for simplistic joy in the world she imagines. Caring and thoughtful she will always nurture those around her, to be the best they can be, as an influence of goodness and youth. Her love for living is just the beginning. She could lead a world of peace and humility with a simple smile or warm embrace.

The Strapping Swashbuckler - His sights are set on the day’s new horizon with a focus on what tomorrow will bring. This strapping young buccaneer is set to forge a new course towards an amazing life journey. Brazen and courageous, he will take the lead on life and commandeer it for every last ounce of its wondrous joys.

Sonny Goodstride - With adventure packed in every step, he is far from a fairy tale day dream and will show off more than his imagination as he acts on his thirst of fun and creative flair. Flamboyant and charismatic he will charm and be the likeable larrikin amongst his loyal team of devoted friends and allies.  


100% coated cotton canvas with water resistant coating
Luxe matte "muted" finish
Easy to clean exterior
High quality metal pressed zips
Spacious and large main compartment
Large Single zipped front compartment
Elastic side pocket drink bottle holder
Adjustable padded shoulder straps
Padded back panel for added comfort
Top mounted ‘grab’ handle
Light weight
Size: 29cm wide x 40cm high x 10cm deep