DIY Water Marble Plant Jar

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DIY Water Marble Plant Jar

DIY Water Marble Plant Jar

One of our clever team, Kylee made these cool Water Marble Plant Jars so we thought we would share them with you and show you how to do it. 

These would make a fun gift for friends and family (or even teachers) for Christmas. Get the kids involved and it can also be a great activity to do together on the weekends or holidays. 

First you need some Water Marbles. We have them in the shop in a range of different colours, including mixed, so be as an imaginative as you like.

Kylee used blue and purple. You could use red and green for a Christmasy feel or maybe your favourite footy team colours - your imagination is the only limit!

Fill up a pretty jar or vase with some water and then add your water marbles and plant cuttings. Kylee used 20 of each colour marble in a regular-sized mason jar. It will work with cuttings with or without roots. 

Kylee says that they stay in the marble shape for a few weeks. Just top up with more water to rehydrate the marbles as needed. You can either tip out the exces water or leave them with extra water, whatever you like the look of!

Water Marbles

The water marbles hide the roots and make your plants look at bit prettier. Add a nice ribbon and you have a very easy and inexpensive gift!

Do you make your own gifts for Christmas? 


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